The TKS Digest # 1 - "The New Guys"

We love bringing new people to the team. They bring new energy, new ideas and most importantly new video games to play at lunch.  In June we brought on two new Developers from CCNB. Welcome Mario Maillet and Nicolas Martineau. We asked both guys a few questions to get to know them a little bit.

1. Where are you from and tell us a little about yourself?

Mario - My name is Mario, I'm from Bouctouche and I studied Computer Programming at CCNB in Dieppe. 

Nicolas - I was born in Gatineau, Quebec, which is about 15 minutes away from Ottawa. I grew up there until I was in 10th grade, when family decided to move to NB. We moved in Miramichi and I finished my last years of high school there. I then decided to go to the University of Moncton in Computer Science. After two years, I decided to change to a programming course at CCNB Dieppe. I graduated in June of 2018. As for my hobbies, I like video games, learning about new technologies and biking.
2. Why did you choose to become a software developer?

Mario - I don't remember how I first got an interest for programming but I do remember the first time I had encountered a problem when coding, the satisfaction you get when solving something all on your own and finally getting the result you were hoping for. It was at that moment where I was sure that I wanted to keep doing this.

Nicolas - My passion for programming started when I was younger, I always had this curiosity for what happened behind the technologies that I used, whether it be video games or computer programs. In my teenage years, I would use the computer room in my high school to learn the basic principles of certain programming languages. I knew since then that I would be working in a programming-related field later in my life.
3. You’ve been with us a few weeks now, are you enjoying the TKS experience?

Mario - Yes very much! Everyone is so nice and the developers here are very talented. I am excited to spend the time and learn from them.

Nicolas - I love it. It’s different from the other work environments I’ve had in the past. Even though I’m new around here, I feel like I can trust my co-workers when in need or when I have questions. Everyone around the office was very welcoming and made me feel like I was part of the group when I started working at TKS.
4. What inspires you?

Mario - I often go out on drives alone and just think about anything. Sometimes I'm thinking of some grand idea, and other times I just drive along with a song stuck in my head.

Nicolas - Results, plain and simple. Nothing keeps me going more than getting the expected results after a long stretch of coding.
5. What is your favorite music when coding?

Mario - Sometimes when I'm coding, I listen to stand-up comedies. I just try not to laugh too hard so the people that work around me won't think I'm going insane.

Nicolas - Billy Talent is my go-to music when I want to concentrate, I don’t have a genre that I like more than others. I normally open YouTube in the morning and I let it decide what to play in my playlist.

Brian Palmer