Easy to Use

A single web interface to present all products. Preview panel allows to view one or multiple quotes without running a full illustration. This technology makes it easier for agents to gather client information, provide quotes and run illustrations on a variety of insurance products.


Increase Productivity

Efficient and accurate electronic data entry that eliminates redundancy or paper-based data entry.  It gives agents the possibility of instantly helping their clients to make an informed choice when it comes to the types of insurance policies and the level of coverage.


Low Technical Burden

Application designed with the objective of offering the user the best interaction. No software or patch installations necessary. Including the ability to interface with legacy systems.

The application can be made available in the language requirement of the carrier.



Customized to integrate in existing systems, including policy administration, agent compensation systems or other electronic forms or policy issue applications.

Systems Integration



In today’s market, agents are constantly on-the-go. They need tools and technologies to access information for their clients and the ability to respond quickly. Our Life Insurance Software allows agents to respond to their clients in real time.